1. Remove all rubbish, clutter and bad smells from every room in the house and garden as this can lead to blockages in that sector. It is recommended to do this seasonally.
  2. Maintain a good supply of fresh air by opening windows and allowing the air to circulate.
  3. Throw out unwanted and unused goods. This includes gifts that you have received and have never liked as this is indicative of holding onto the past.
  4. Check the building for structural problems. Peeling/flaking paint suggests tiredness. Fix any damage to spouting, roof tiles, windows or any other part of the house that looks rundown as this represents a gradual decline in health.
  5. Clean out all cupboards and throw out expired food products, anything that is broken or not used and items that you no longer need.
  6. Avoid sleeping near electrical equipment such as digital clock radio, meter box, electric blankets, lights. computer, TV, DVD, game consoles, and phones as they emit electrical fields which are potentially harmful to health.
  7. Keep all cleaning agents well away from food and out of childrens reach. Locate in well ventilated areas.
  8. Natural fibres make the best and healthiest furnishings whilst synthetic and plastic items pollute the air especially when exposed to the sun.
  9. Healthy plants, fresh flowers, nice smells such as essential oils and beautiful music attract good energy and lift your spirits.
  10. Keeping the front garden beautiful to entice opportunities to flow into your life. Keep it free from clutter as clutter signifies worry and prevents one from being focused.
  11. Repair leaky taps as this suggests a gradual loss of income.
  12. Regularly clean floor surfaces, cobwebs and dirty dishes.
  13. Wash curtains, windows, rugs and clean carpets regularly.

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